Prevent T2 Diabetes Prevention Program

Not all employee wellness programs are created equal. Sure. They may offer fun wellness programs, but are they backed by best-in-class reporting and analytics? U.S. Preventive Medicine is more than a typical corporate health wellness solution; we provide 3rd-party-validated preventive medicine, engaging programs, and evidence-based interventions to drive sustainable behavioral change.

The takeaway? We empower people and prove it to our clients. USPM is where population health management and preventive medicine meets a clinically validated wellness program. We call it The Preventive Plan®. It integrates wellness, health promotion, and chronic care management. Best of all, it yields reliable results, smoother implementation, measurable cost efficiencies, and effective health coaching delivery.


You’ve finally found us! Now, let us take it from here. We’ll handle everything, so you don’t have to. From performing a complete analysis of your population to managing employee eligibility to providing ongoing reporting, we do it all. No need to tax your HR department either, because we handle the program launch and much of the email correspondence with your staff. Schedule a free consultation to see how we can make the entire process easy and customized for you.

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Clearly Defined Goals:  It’s important to know where you’re going. Without a goal, you’re aimless. So, we work closely with our clients to determine clear and measurable outcomes. That includes your clinical, financial, and wellness goals. Our ultimate goal for you is to reduce healthcare utilization by improving the lives of those we serve.  Most importantly, everything we do is customized for you, as well as your members.

Data and Evidence-Based Approach:  At USPM, we take seriously our obligation to correctly analyze your population, so we can structure our interventions are based on validated methodologies. This includes full medical and pharmacy claims analysis to measure risk and determine outcome goals. It also includes a Health and Wellness Assessment (HWA), labs, and biometrics.  We then take the data to build a personalized Preventive Plan for each member.

Collaboration and Culture:  The start of a strong partnership always begins with collaboration and communication. We assign a client relationship manager and service team to provide detailed implementation plans, client toolkits, and ongoing support. Throughout our partnership, we'll review results, build reporting dashboards, and communicate both positive progress as well as areas for improvement of health outcomes and productivity to maximize ROI.

Sustainable Behavior Change:  A great wellness program isn't a crash course in health. We believe that short-duration, high-intensity programs do not create sustainable behavioral change. That's why we offer a validated program that teaches individuals coping skills, resiliency, and self-regulation for lasting results. Our health coaches use well-recognized behavior change techniques, such as transtheoretical model, motivational interviewing, and social-cognitive theory.

Pricing:  Why pay for something you don’t use?  When economically feasible, we prefer to charge a per participant per month (PPPM) rate instead of the industry norm of a per eligible per month rate (PEPM). Like we said, our program is customizable - not only for each employee, but for you (our client) as well. 

Health Coaching at It's Finest: USPM believes strongly human interaction is essential driving behavioral change that result in positive outcomes. Our health coaches, care managers, nurses,, and dietitians  engage and empower individuals to succeed on their journey of health and wellbeing.  Additionally, our health-focused personnel work together to address the whole person - taking into account physical, emotional, social, and financial concerns.

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