Personalized Wellness Platform

Clinical Model of Evidence-Based Preventive Medicine

Influencing members to be mindful of their lifestyle choices and providing the support needed to achieve their health goals has been made easier through direct access to our innovative and intuitive, mobile-friendly member platform. Our comprehensive population health management (PHM) platform combines three preventive medicine tiers:

  1. Primary: Wellness & Health Promotion
  2. Secondary: Early Detection
  3. Tertiary: Early Intervention Care Management

An Integrated High-tech and High-touch Approach

The improved navigation and straight-forward action items guide the member to better health with recommendations derived from evidence-based national guidelines.  The roadmap to better health starts with the world of wellness at member’s fingertips through our high-tech and high-touch holistic PHM solution.

Preventive Plan


Foundation for the Culture of Health is a Continual Process

At USPM we understand that wellness doesn’t just involve physical exercise, nutrition and engaging challenges. We take a holistic approach to cover the physical, financial, social, and emotional aspects of health such as:

  • Organization’s cultural and leadership alignment
  • Assessments and accessibility of an easy-to-use web platform
  • Impactful and robust communications and analytics
  • Environmental support and behavioral economics 

Preventive Plan_how-we-do-it-graphic

“We are on the threshold of helping transform the illness oriented, reactive, “sick care” system in this country to a wellness oriented, proactive “true health system”—built upon the pillars of prevention.”

  • Ron Loeppke, Vice Chairman, USPM

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