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The Preventive Plan - Getting Started

Using a consultative approach, we help organizations power up their company culture with engagement and health care strategies based on the clinical science of preventive medicine. The integrated, end-to-end program of primary, secondary and tertiary preventive medicine provides a customized solution for each person, regardless of their state of health. USPM Members are empowered with high-tech tools and high-touch support to help them make healthy choices, healthy habits, and behavioral changes for life.


U.S. Preventive Medicine

USPM’s suite of services will empower you to achieve better health across your organization as well as lower costs:

  • Wellness portal
    • Branded and company/client relevant
    • Customized Preventive Plan Based on Age, Gender & Health Risks
    • Personalized Health Dashboard
    • Straight forward action items
    • Simplified health log for easy entries
    • Clean, mobile-friendly, and more intuitive look and feel
    • Ability to sync over 150 wearable devices/applications
    • Videos and searchable health library
    • Customizable banner image and motivational messaging
    • Incentive & Preventive Score Tracking
    • Healthy Habits
    • Learning Programs
    • Daily Tips
    • Nutrition & Wellness Information
  • Confidential Health and Wellbeing Assessment (HWA)
    • Some customization available
  • Labs and biometrics screening
  • Health Coaches
  • Care Managers
  • Reporting & Analytics

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