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Manage Stress

Are you feeling stressed and unsure what to do about it? Unchecked stress levels can cause you to feel uneasy, anxious, fearful, and even helpless. By identifying how often you feel stress and potential causes, you can learn to respond better and make positive changes to your mental wellbeing.
Prevent & Manage Stress Handout

Download Your Stress Tracker

Fill out this form to get a free printable guide to prevent and manage your stress levels.

The front contains education on the differences between stress, anxiety, and burnout, along with five stress management tips. The back is a stress tracker worksheet so you can visualize your stress trends.

Monthly Stress Reduction Tracker Handout

Interested In More?

You can talk about your with one of our health coaches, or schedule a session on other topics, such as healthy eating tips or a beginner exercise program. We can even help you get started in the Preventive Plan mobile app.