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Grocery Shopping on a Budget

When it comes to grocery shopping, preparation is key. You should plan to go to the grocery store with a well thought out list, and avoid going on an empty stomach. With all the options available at the store, grocery shopping can be overwhelming. Don’t let yourself fall victim to making impulse buys – stick to the list. Grocery store products and advertisements are designed to catch your attention, and are usually strategically placed at the entrance. Here are some tricks to help you stick to your list and stay focused.

Meal Planning Tips

  • Plan meals for your family weekly.
  • Look up sales and coupons for some of your favorite products, and plan the meals accordingly. 
  • If you need to switch it up or are unsure of what to make, consult health conscious recipe websites such as USDA Mixing Bowl.
  • Make a grocery list and stick to it. Keeping a running grocery list will limit the need to go to the store for single purchases that turn into impulse buys.
  • Think of items that you will use daily, and keep a list of those. Then, once you have planned your weekly meals, incorporate the items needed to prepare them.
  • There are many free phone apps available to help you keep track of the list. This way you will not lose the list or leave it at home.

Shopping Tips

  1. Never grocery shop on an empty stomach. This is the number one rule for going to the grocery store and the most efficient way to avoid impulse buys.
  2. Buy in bulk. For perishable foods, buying in bulk can still be an option; all you need to do is freeze these items to save them for a later date. Non-perishable foods such as canned goods are a great resource to stock up, and they are usually fairly inexpensive.
  3. Buy generic brands. Compare the food label for ingredients. Most generic brands have the same ingredients and cost much less. The less expensive items are usually strategically placed on the top and bottom shelf. The grocery store places the most expensive items at eye level to catch your attention.
  4. Buy unprepared foods. Buy unprepared foods such whole fruits opposed to the convenient pre-sliced fruits.


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