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We Make Wellness Work for You

U.S. Preventive Medicine, Inc. (USPM) is improving the quality of life and health of our members — combining health coaching, chronic disease management, and the latest technology to prevent illness and improve overall well-being.


Take control of your weight loss journey with or without medication.

MetaOne is our sustainable weight loss program designed for people considering taking weight loss medication, and those already on them. Lifestyle and behavior modification are the building blocks of lasting change, and MetaOne is here to provide the guidance necessary for building a strong foundation. USPM has over ten years’ experience in coaching members using GLP-1’s for weight loss, and even more time managing and coaching metabolic weight loss programs. Come see how MetaOne can help your members reach and sustain their goals. 

evidence-based solutions

USPM delivers health
interventions that work.

Our programs are evidence-based and derived from national guidelines – independently validated and accredited for their performance in the field of preventive medicine. According to the Validation Institute, USPM is the only population health management company to measure validly, achieve significant hospital and ER visit reduction, and offer valid analytics and metrics.

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Create meaningful lifestyle changes that stick.

No matter where you begin your health journey, we’ll empower you with high-tech tools and high-touch support to keep you motivated until your new healthy habits become second nature!


Healthy living made fun.

Interactive Activities

Your health journey will be loaded with quick and easily digestible doses of health education, including tips, articles, quizzes, and videos that make it fun to stay the course and keep motivated.

Live support

Get one-on-one live support from a team of real people who know their stuff. Our experts range from licensed dietitians, health coaches, and registered nurses to certified diabetes educators and tobacco cessation specialists.

Progress Tracking

Measure your progress by tracking your weight, daily steps, and physical activity minutes. Plus, sync your data from your favorite third-party sources, including Apple Health, Fitbit, and other popular fitness tracking apps.

We make healthy living effortless and enticing by taking a fun, gamified approach to the science of habit formation. The Preventive Plan combines interactive, in-app health activities with the expertise and support of wellness professionals. The blend of certified health coaches, registered nurses, dietitians, and the latest technology keeps members engaged and solidifying healthy habits.

For Employers

Healthy employees are good for business.

According to the CDC, unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, such as lack of physical activity, a poor diet, and tobacco use, are causing an epidemic of preventable diseases. Unlock outcomes that matter with a well-implemented population health management program.

The Preventive Plan improves the physical, mental, and emotional health of your employee population, thereby reducing your healthcare costs. By addressing the unique wellness needs of your people, USPM clients see decreased absenteeism, increased productivity, and a happier, healthier team.

For Health Plans

Broader approaches for better health outcomes.

We partner with health plans to implement unique program offerings and empower your population with clinically-proven methods and best practices for improved health outcomes.

Our personalized, high-tech and high-touch model of integrated behavior change and chronic disease care suits individuals with a variety of lifestyles, health risks, and chronic conditions.

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Learn Skills. Build Habits. 

Pursue a healthier you with The Preventive Plan. If you’re a current member or client and you still have questions, we have answers! Contact your Care Team or check out our support page below to learn how to get the most out of the Preventive Plan mobile app experience.

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U.S. Preventive Medicine promotes well-being through proactive approaches to improve employee health, performance – and the bottom line for our clients. Interested? Reach out. Let’s discuss implementing a culture of wellness to benefit your employees and your business.