At USPM, we collaborate with our clients to develop immediate and long-term strategies for program success to increase member engagement, ongoing participation and satisfaction, as well as improvement of health outcomes and productivity to maximize return on investment.

We partner with our clients to share the strategies, roles and responsibilities of enhancing member engagement. Engagement is the underlying reason for our initial assessment, which is conducted to understand the unique profile of each client. Sustainable engagement comes from creating a culture that makes the healthy choice the easy choice and makes the healthy choice valued and embedded in the workplace.

Each client is assigned a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) who is responsible for day-to-day operations to ensure all aspects of the client’s program are designed and delivered to achieve program goals, including participation rates and health risk reduction as well as member and client satisfaction.

What Our Members Say

Population Health Management Begins with a Population of One

"My Preventive Plan eCoach is wonderful. My Registered Nurse coach is wonderful as well. I am on Weight Watchers so it's the program I follow but those two have helped me very much. I had been struggling to continue since I started in December 2015. But I never quit and have lost almost 50 lbs in a little over a year, and I will take it! Thank you for always being too kind and taking care of my health." 
Blyn, Dell Rapids, SD    

"I really enjoy The Preventive Plan videos. They are short (so I can watch them at work), but they are really informative and interesting. And Dr. Roizen presents the material at a level that is easy to understand. For example, I never knew why overweight people tended to have high blood pressure. The video on how fat impacts the kidneys was fascinating to me."
Corinne, Fargo, ND

"Just wanted to tell how The Preventive Plan program has helped me, especially during my surgery time. I was talking to my health coach about the first online coaching program that I signed up for: Stress Free Now. I am a person that doesn’t know how to relax, not even thru a nice massage. I’m constantly told “You need to relax!” - at work, at home, at the nail salon, at a restaurant. My coach was excellent! She stayed in contact with me, every single week, and gave me suggestions that helped me change the way I saw and approached my environment, to make my life more relaxing such as breathing techniques, meditation, identifying triggers, etc. She even stayed in touch with me during a surgery I went thru, and kept sending me websites to help me be a more relaxed person. I even took a very high dose of medications to help me, and my medication was cut in half and I have been doing ok . . .Thanks all for the great words, all the material shared, and the encouraging words that I received every day."
Laura, Charlottesville, VA

"My Preventive Plan health coach for helped me get back on my life change. It all started on February 4, 2016 when I was diagnosed with diverticulosis and weighing 315 lbs. As of today, I've lost over 50 lbs. With the help of my coach being compassionate and very knowledgeable, she has helped me to keep it off. She has sent me several websites on eating healthy and working out. She has given me a lot of insights on things I need to do and it has truly helped. She has kept her promise by calling me every two weeks to hear my progress and inform me what steps I should take next. The week of the snow, I completely went off track. I ate a lot of junk food. Once I got back to work and looked at my calendar, I realized she would be calling me. My telephone rang and yes, it was my health coach. I just started to spill everything out that I did wrong. She listened and with her soft tone voice, she informed me to get back up and go forward. I am so happy to hear that and not bashing what I did. I am now on track with the help of my coach! Thank you so very much for all you do and continue to do."
Rosalind, Virginia Beach, VA

"With the help of The Preventive Plan Registered Dietitian, I have implemented quite a few changes. The biggest change has been my diet. I love carbs. My normal dinner would consist of potatoes every night. Since beginning this program I have successfully started a low carb diet. The first few days were awful but, wow what a difference I feel now. Not to mention I am 10 lbs lighter. I also began walking. My wellness advisor last week suggested I take up yoga. I took her advice and have been practicing yoga. Yoga is tough and I look forward to increasing my strength and it becoming easier. My advisor told me yoga would help with weight loss and relieving stress... I will continue and I will reap the benefit."
Leetta, Lancaster, VA

"After working with my health coach, my goal was to run a 5K - it's completed! I ran daily for 30 days to build up my strength and energy to complete the "Hustle for the Puzzle” run for autism awareness. I completed my running program, and then ran my 5K and completed it in 1 hr and 32 minutes. I felt accomplished and wanted to run more!"
Katelyn, Port Jervis, NY

"Thanks to The Preventive Plan, I am more conscientious of my daily walk of 2 miles. It helps curb my appetite and reminds me to make healthier choices on my snacks and meals. When I don’t get my daily walk in for a week, then I definitely notice it on the scale. I also do yoga for relaxation and spiritual comfort – it adds to my healthy lifestyle and helps me focus on my blessings from God."
Teresa, Urbandale, IA

“Between April 2016 and August 2016 I have lost 24 pounds with the help of a trainer and my Registered Nurse Care Manager. Now I am exercising at Planet Fitness – I just joined in December when they opened in my home town. I would never have thought I would be doing this type of thing at 61!”
Gail, Waynesboro, VA

“Before the Preventive Plan I weighed 327 lbs. Over the next 3 years I ate better and exercised. I saw my doctor and everything is in normal range for my lab work. I have lost over 100 lbs and plan on running a 10K.”
Michael, Sioux Falls, SD

“The Preventive Plan routine labs and biometrics screening found I had dangerous levels of glucose and I was not aware I was a diabetic. I changed my entire lifestyle and now have normal glucose levels and am hoping to come off the diabetic medication.”
Shannon, Jacksonville, FL

“Before the body tone challenge, I was doing nothing for exercise. This was a good way for me because I had to try exercises that I have never done before. I plan to keep exercising as I know my health has suffered because I haven't been exercising.”
Brian, Sioux Falls, SD

“Thanks for all of your assistance to get me on the correct path. The best news of all is that I had my departmental physical today.  I had the best blood pressure in years… 127/60.”
Rickey, Hanover, VA

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