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We put the "care" in Care Team

We understand the difficulties in finding the motivation to change behaviors and the trials and errors of recognizing what works – and what doesn’t work – for you.

Leading corporate wellness and population health management

U.S. Preventive Medicine uniquely combines innovative workplace wellness programs with health coaching and care management. We empower populations to adopt healthier lifestyles that lead to the improved health outcomes for which USPM is known.

Individuals who are actively engaged in our population health management services see clinically significant health improvements in as little as eight weeks. Those population members require less costly medical treatment, and they enjoy a better quality of life as a result.

Independently Validated

A Unique & Proven Solution

Since 2004, our population health management company in Jacksonville, FL, has continued to break the mold in the wellness space — bringing unparalleled value that drives engagement, lasting behavioral change, and quantifiable results. We proudly stand alone in the wellness industry as the first and only wellness company to be validated by the Intel-GE Care Innovations® Validation Institute for sustained and significant reduction in healthcare costs.

Our population health management product, The Preventive Plan®, drives exceptional reductions in health risks, hospitalizations and ER visits, and overall medical costs. USPM’s unique differentiator is not only our formula for reducing wellness-sensitive medical events, but also the cleanliness and transparency of how we measure results.

Complete Coverage

Levels of Prevention

USPM delivers population health management services through the combination of an online product (Preventive Plan app for iOS and Android) and human interaction with healthcare industry professionals to deliver three levels of prevention:

Primary Prevention

Reduce or eliminate your causative risk factors

An intervention implemented before there is evidence of a disease or injury, primary prevention includes health promotion and education to avoid medical complications and risks.

U.S. Preventive Medicine

About Our Company

Vision Our Vision

Empower communities to add life to their years and years to their life — one person at a time.

Mission Our Mission

Provide unique and innovative health solutions that drive exceptional clinical and financial outcomes for individuals, organizations, and the healthcare system.

Culture Our Culture

We’re committed to creating a culture of wellness for the whole person. At USPM, we take care of our own by encouraging innovative thinking, transparent communication, and healthy fun in the workplace. Collaborating in a creative, agile team environment is essential to delivering impactful health solutions.

ValuesOur Values

Be a Good Human

Consistently show respect, honesty, and professionalism with customers, users, team members, and partners. We lead by always doing the right thing and respect other’s time by showing up prepared and willing to work.

Be Transparent

We set reasonable expectations and embrace feedback to learn and grow. Results are taken seriously with an atmosphere of low ego and high mission. Good or bad, whatever we must share, we do so openly and honestly.

Embrace Failure

What we do, we want to do well. However, with innovation comes failure. When mistakes happen, we take responsibility, apologize, and course correct.

Be Resourceful

Foster an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages personal resourcefulness and creativity. Once we have a clear objective, we want to execute with less talking and more doing.

Use Gritty Innovation

We want to find new ways to grow the company though fast, continuous iteration of our products and services to increase the value we deliver to our users, customers, and partners.

Build a Positive Team Spirit

Make “whole person wellness” a priority — and have fun doing it!

A company's core values are instilled from the top down.

Our management team promotes wellness while weaving innovative thinking into the fabric of our culture. With the support of the USPM Board of Directors, our company leadership holds the highest standards of population health management and wellness promotion.