About Us


U.S. Preventive Medicine is a leader in corporate wellness and population health management. We uniquely combine innovative workplace wellness programs with health coaching and care management. Through our population health management services, clinical analytics and proven outcomes, populations with active members get and stay healthier, improve their wellbeing and require less costly medical treatment.

We proudly stand alone in the wellness industry as the first and only wellness company to be validated by the Intel-GE Care Innovations® Validation Institute for sustained and significant reduction in healthcare costs. Our platform, The Preventive Plan®, drives exceptional results in health risk reduction, as well as hospitalization and ER visit reductions, which result in improved health and lower medical costs. USPM’s unique differentiator is not only our formula for reducing wellness-sensitive medical events, but also the cleanliness and transparency of how we measure results. USPM delivers population health management services through the combination of an online product, The Preventive Plan®, and human engagement through health coaches and care management nurses, to deliver three levels of prevention:

  • Primary prevention: Wellness, health promotion and education to maintain health
  • Secondary prevention: Screening for early detection and diagnosis of health conditions
  • Tertiary prevention: Early intervention with evidence-based care management to reduce complications and disability from health conditions

USPM utilizes a three-part health and wellbeing assessment (HWA) as well as biometric screening to identify member health risks. As a result, each member receives their own personalized Preventive Plan. The Plan encourages exercise and nutritional activities to drive member engagement including the option for telephonic health coaching to help members actively participate in enhancing their health status and wellbeing and thereby improving their Preventive Score™.

Since 2004, our corporate wellness company in Jacksonville, FL, has continued to break the mold in the wellness space to bring unparalleled value that drives engagement, lasting behavioral change and quantifiable results. We are accredited by NCQA Wellness & Health Promotion with Performance Reporting.


Empower communities to add life to their years and years to their life… one person at a time.


Provide unique and innovative health solutions that drive exceptional clinical and financial outcomes for individuals, organizations, and the healthcare system.


At U.S. Preventive Medicine we are committed to improving each individual member’s health journey by embodying a true culture of health. We succeed in administering the best care to our clients and members by taking care of one another. At USPM we take care of our own by encouraging open-communication, authenticity, and fun in the workplace. Working together in a healthy and supportive team environment is essential to our ability to provide innovative health solutions that will stimulate positive clinical and financial results. We make up a team of people that are passionate about what we do because we know we are on our way to changing the world…one person at a time.


  • Consistently show respect, honesty and professionalism in all interactions with customers, fellow team members, and all other people with whom we have contact
  • Continuously improve our services and products and the ways we offer them to create greater value for our customers
  • Keep customer satisfaction as our top priority
  • Create an entrepreneurial spirit among our team members that encourages personal resourcefulness and creativity
  • Value and encourage teamwork in every activity, task and opportunity
  • Own mistakes and take responsibility to acknowledge, apologize and fix them
  • Be grateful and demanding by recognizing, challenging, rewarding and pushing
  • Foster low ego and high mission – take results seriously and execute – more action and less words
  • Have Fun – the best way to get things done


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