The Bottom Line is that Wellness Works, Prevention Pays and Good Health is Good Business

At USPM, we collaborate with our clients to develop immediate and long-term strategies for program success to increase member engagement, ongoing participation and satisfaction, as well as improvement of health outcomes and productivity to maximize return on investment. 

We partner with our clients to share the strategies, roles and responsibilities of enhancing member engagement. Engagement is the underlying reason for our initial assessment, which is conducted to understand the unique profile of each client. Sustainable engagement comes from creating a culture that makes the healthy choice the easy choice and makes the healthy choice valued and embedded in the workplace. 

Each client is assigned a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) who is responsible for day-to-day operations to ensure all aspects of the client’s program are designed and delivered to achieve program goals, including participation rates and health risk reduction as well as member and client satisfaction.

What Our Members Say

Population Health Management Begins with a Population of One

“Before the Preventive Plan I weighed 327 lbs. Over the next 3 years I ate better and exercised. I saw my doctor and everything is in normal range for my lab work. I have lost over 100 lbs and plan on running a 10K.”
Michael, Sioux Falls, SD

“The Preventive Plan routine labs and biometrics screening found I had dangerous levels of glucose and I was not aware I was a diabetic. I changed my entire lifestyle and now have normal glucose levels and am hoping to come off the diabetic medication.”
Shannon, Jacksonville, FL

“Before the body tone challenge, I was doing nothing for exercise. This was a good way for me because I had to try exercises that I have never done before. I plan to keep exercising as I know my health has suffered because I haven't been exercising.”
Brian, Sioux Falls, SD

“Thanks for all of your assistance to get me on the correct path. The best news of all is that I had my departmental physical today.  I had the best blood pressure in years… 127/60.”
Rickey, Hanover, VA

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